Rock Climbing in Sri Lanka

Tied the rock and ascent to the summit

Rock Climbing in Sri Lanka is becoming one of the hottest sports to do for visitor and locals due to the awesome natural rock faces in majestic settings.

Green foot travels offer fascinating Rock Climbing experience in Sri Lanka, so check out our guides for lessons or a guided climb. Our dedicated guides can lead climb any face for the experienced climber, and our instructors are top notch for beginners and novice climbers. We will teach you all you need to know to get started with rock climbing.

Most of the areas for Rock climbing are situated towards the hill country several places and through scenic view Trip to these places can be combined with hiking, bird watching, canyoning, white water rafting nature tours and other activities.

Rock Climbing area in Sri Lanka

Belihuloya is a climatically transitional area, which links the dry and wet zones at an altitude of less than 1500m. The vegetation in this environment has made this location an exciting one for the serious as well as the casual nature lover. The surrounding mountains, rivers, reservoirs make Belihuloya an adventure capital for adventure lovers.

Belihuloya Surathali Ella

Surathali Ella rock climbing arise your holiday with its fascinating view. Step of the top and be surrounded with an awesome view of the panoramic mountains at your feet involves lowering down a rock face with the ropes set up so that you are in control of your own ascent. A rock climbing is a fun and fantastic challenge that is also an unusual, exciting experience you won’t forget.


A full of mists and breathtaking scenery of Ella gap is one of a wonder of nature. This tiny isolated hill town lies just 8 km away from Bandarawela. Ella if offering plenty of recreational activities and great pleases for nature lovers. Of world and all the beauty of nature surrounded you. Perfect climate for your dreaming holiday.

Fancy climbing the peaks that are dotted around Ella, then make sure and don’t miss trekking, hiking, Cycling, tea experience, bird watching and caving opportunities around stunning scenery. Ella with its perfect climate soothes your mind and makes your day to day anxieties feel a world away.

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