Banana Ride in Sri Lanka

Enjoy the thrills and freedom of skidding over the waves and out to sea.

When you hard Banana. You will decide how to ride small Banana. Banana ride is fantastic water sport and it is an up-and-coming water sport around the world. With the use of a boat, which in shape resembles a banana that is in turn attached to a motorboat, a group of 6 people can enjoy these rides. This type of water sport is carried out in the open sea and is strongly associated with fun and excitement as the ride plummets passengers into the waiting sea. Banana ride is especially for family water sport activity.

Mostly popular amongst the young and adventurous crowd the ride provides an exhilarating experience as you get flung out of the boat and the process of getting back onto the boat is as much fun as is riding it. Much like water skiing, the boat skis the water in a similar manner.

The passengers will be thrown off the boat into the sea and thus all passengers are required to wear a lifejacket. An activity well-suited to groups seeking fun and recreation, the banana boat ride is sure to provide a quick respite or an alternative to regular holiday activities. Pull the robe and experience the thrill.

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