Filming & Photography in Sri Lanka

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Beautiful Magical Island is more widely known as a relaxing holiday destination. However, at its heart, Sri Lanka is an island replete with history, culture and stunning locations that will satisfy your craving for photographic and filming stimulation.

Famous international films have been shot in Sri Lanka. From Carol Reed's adaptions of Joseph Conard's "Outcasts of the Islands", John and Bo Derek's version of "Tarzan the Ape man",David Lean's "Bridge on the River Kwai", to Stephen Spielberg's "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and most recently,Jungle Book","Mother Theresa" and Deepa Meheta's Controversial film "Water".

Green foot Photography and filming adventure offers intimate tailor made tours for your requirements, fully-escorted photography tour of the island. It’s a great opportunity for you to discover and photograph Sri Lanka natural and cultural landscapes. From tranquil coasts and marine life, to intricate rice terraces and agro culture, ancient temples and deep waterfalls, National parks and marvels wild life, Authentic day to day life you will explore the best that island has to offer to photographers.

During our tour we’ll be invited to join the Sri Lankan their daily activities – this will include bush walking and learning about how they use the fruit and plants for their cooking and medicinally. We’ll wade through the low tide alongside the men and watch as they spear unsuspecting fish in a flash of an eyelid. Bright-eyed children, eager to be snapped by the lens will appear all around with their bountiful energy. You’ll be moved by the majestic landscape – the quiet, the stillness, the deep rich red – it’s breathtaking – there’s an emotion in the land that seems to rise through your feet as you stand rooted by its magnetism.

Our travel team will design the right excursion to suit your every need. Where you go and anything your interests are, rest assured, the photos or video film you take from Sri Lanka. We will commit to Support services and equipment to be supplied on request.

You will have access to experienced photographers to guide your photography, as well as a friendly and knowledgeable local guide and team will be provided.

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• Documentaries
• Catalogue Photo shoots
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