Inland Fishing in Sri Lanka

Catch your own Fishs

The unparallel breath taking island heals its Nemours reservoirs, lakes and rivers offers Fantastic hotspot of inland fishing. Sri Lankan climate is well suited to sport angling. It is temperate and kind to the angler with moderate summers and adequate rainfall throughout the Year.

The fresh water of the rivers and huge manmade lakes are evoking you to enjoyable angling holiday. Inland fishing can be arranged at any time of year due to the constant smoothness of the water on inland waterways and reservoirs located around Sri Lanka. You will find among the varieties of fish are different species of catfish, snakehead (known as “Lula” locally) and other river fish.

All safety jackets, rods and bait, and other equipment will be supplied. Fishing tours can be arranged on a day basis or as part of a longer itinerary. Some waters have seldom, if ever seen a rod and line but exploration is always an enjoyable part of an fishing holiday, so do not be afraid to "have a go", it might well result in the fish of a lifetime.

At the end of the allotted time, the day’s catch will be evaluated, and there will be time for a quick group photo, and maybe a few snaps with the catch. You will leave the location in high spirits, longing for another opportunity at freshwater fishing.

River fishing

Mahaweli River

Mahaweli River is the longest river in Sri Lanka and it is the major water source for many part of the island. The river has also been an important source of nourishment in the form of fish.

Madu Ganga

Surrounded by a thick jungle of mangroves, radiant waters and the bliss of Sri Lankan natural habitat lies one of the island's most prolific inland rivers - Madu Ganga. Located in the southern coast of Balapitiya, past Ahungalle, Madu Ganga is located 80 kilometers from Colombo and 55 kilometers from Galle.

You will get in to the boat from Balapitiya and does a trawl to a small river retreat explore an un-spoilt surrounding which boasts a healthy stock of Barramundi and other fresh water species.

Madu Ganga is the venue for Ceylon Sea Anglers Club annual Fishing competition which generally takes place in September / October.

Natural Lakes

Koggala Lake

Just past Koggala town and run of beachfront resort, hidden by coconut trees a short crawl from the coast there is the delightful Koggala Lake. Koggala is a surprisingly local lagoon. It is an un-spoilt lagoon area is surrounded by mangroves and spread with tiny rocky outcrop. The lagoon is alive with birdlife & supply prawns in abundance. Motor boat trips & catamaran rides take you to the small islands in the lagoon. One of the island features a cinnamon plantation.

Bolgoda Lake

Bolgoda is a surprisingly quiet and local lagoon and scenic lake. Bolgoda Lake is the largest and most beautiful natural lake with the highest bio diversity in the island. This colossal fresh water lake covers an area of 374 square kilometers. The depth of the lake varies at different places between 20 and 50 feet.

The stunning Bolgoda Lake is rich in bio diversity, where it boasts of 45 different types of fish, 40 types of reptiles, 15 kinds of amphibians and 31 types of mammals. The birds exist in the surrounding area of the lake. Bolgoda is wonderful destinations for green tourist.

Being a traditional fishing ground for centuries there are so many popular varieties of fish like Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Bull eyed Mackerel, smaller Travilly and Barracudas.

Manmade reservoirs and lakes

Kala Wewa

Kala Wewa is an ancient reservoir in Anuradhapura District of the North Central Province, Sri Lanka. This was built by King Dhathusena, in 5th Century AD. Largest Reservoir in Anuradhapura. Sri Lanka MINI tours offers a unique experience for you day excursion. Catamaran ride through watching Aukana Budda statue you can see some time elephant and some animals come to the edge to drink water. Many bird species and their nest are delighting your day excursion.

Rajanganaya Reservoir

The scenic lake it’s a fun, friendly experience as you wait alongside the wives and young children of fisherman, who’ve gone out to retrieve their fishing nets laid out the night before – a great way to get to know the locals and if you like you can some mix with local.

After the fishermen have sorted their catch, it’s time to head out on a catamaran across the lake; a real adventure! You may even be able to spot white bellied fish eagles, brahmini kites, and ibis, king fisher’s, cormorants and other native birds as you travel. Glimpse of Huge land area in green below the reservoir. This lush green area consisting with local farming, fishing, the smiling people dark green faddy field and huge water trimming your dream holiday. Grange a coco drinks “Kurumba” that is refreshing your energy for back hotel or destination.

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