Jet Skiing in Sri Lanka

Ride The Dream!

Sri Lanka is a fantastic gate way for Jet Ski. You can enjoy with Jet Ski in the Indian Ocean, lake, lagoon and also Hill County of the island. Much like a motorcycle, acceleration in a jet ski is provided by a hand powered throttle located on the right side grip. During Jet Ski you will guide by instructor.


Hikkaduwa is one of the best destinations among water and beach lovers. Dozens of excursions are available at Hikkaduwa. For divers, leisurely swimmers and snorkelers never miss for their vacation.

Hikkaduwa National Park is one of the second marine national parks in Sri Lanka. The national park is consisting with a fringing coral reef of high degree of biodiversity. Hikkaduwa is a Coral Sanctuary; Inter-monsoon season is a dry period which is considered the best season to visit the park.


Pasikuda beach, recognized as one of safest beaches in Sri Lanka is very famous among the travellers who travel around the Sri Lanka. White sand, shallow waters, coral reefs and palm trees make Pasikuda and Kalkudah beaches idyllic places to spend the day on the seaside.


Quite remarkable untouched wonderful costal are in Sri Lanka. The Kalpitiya region is one of the most beautiful coastal areas located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, by being a famous destination for the beach tourists and also is like a heaven for a rich bio diversity including various species of flora and fauna.


The south coast is at its better for sea adventure and significant sandy beaches going through clusters of palms trees overlooking the Indian Ocean. Bentota is known for its broad golden beach. A tropical lagoon and a major river Bentota offers water sports possibilities nowhere else to be found. Bentota, the name come from a mythical story, which claims a demon named ‘Bem’, ruled the Bentota or river bank. Bentota also famous for an ancient art of healing called Ayurveda. Bentota is famous for its toddy production, an alcoholic beverage made out of coconut nectar.

Bentota consorted in tropical lagoons and river Bentota bid of fantastic water sports possibilities nowhere else to be found. Clean and well maintained beach is popular with couples and lovers, as well as in water recreation enthusiasts.