Kite Surfing in Sri Lanka

As long as you've got the energy.

Constant suns shine blue warm water that makes it the perfect gateway to kite surfers. Is Sri Lanka going to be your next kite surfing destination? We have everything you need to get the most out of your holiday here. Green foot partners in Sri Lanka. You’ll be absolutely crazy about this action sport! Kite surfing is a mixture of paragliding, wakeboarding, surfing and windsurfing, and appeals to a large target group. All you need is a board that is not even two meters long and weighs between 2 to 5 kilos, a kite that folds up to rucksack size, and a control bar and kite lines. Kite surfing is a sport which you can learn really quickly, because all the maneuvers can be simulated on dry land. It may look like a sport for top athletes, but in fact it's easy to learn for anyone with average ability. Of course, if you're already a windsurfer or wake boarder or do any of the other board sports, then you'll take to kite surfing even more readily - but it's not necessary to have any previous experience.

Kite Surfing School

The Sri Lanka Kite School is located on the peninsula of Kalpitya, (North West coast of Sri Lanka), 3hrs drive from the international airport of Colombo-Katunayake. We can arrange transport from the airport to the Kitekuda Camp. This peninsula, surrounded on one side by the Indian Ocean and on the other by Puttalam’s lagoon, is the perfect place for kitesurfing, with several spots for beginners as well as advanced riders.

Kite Surfing in Kalpitiya

During the South-West monsoon from May to September the peninsula of Kalpitiya delivers 20 knot winds day and night, peaking around 30 knots. Blessed with a number of flat water lagoons, wave riding spots in the ocean and an archipelago of sandbanks and islands creating breathtaking sceneries, Kalpitiya is paradise for kite surfers.

Stretching from December to March, together with the North-West monsoon we also have a mini season when kites are dancing in the Kalpitiya sky. Wind is normally giving 17 – 20 knots, but you might find a pleasant surprise when the thermal wind kicks in. During this period our sea is blue and calm, perfect for experiencing the underwater world through snorkeling, fishing and dolphin and whale watching.

Kite Surfing in Nilaveli

Set in the north of Trincomalee, offers excellent windsurfing opportunities in Sri Lankan east coast due to its strong winds. With the sun and sand, it would be a memorable experience. Arugambay offers the ideal spot for kite surfing, surfing and boogie boarding. The east coast is developing, following the end of the civil war. Small and medium hotels abound, star class hotels are being built or renovated. Tourists are advised not to expect much luxury at the moment, but have the chance to enjoy idyllic settings. These beaches can be crowded as local tourists are pouring into explore the east coast.