Research & Volunteer Tour in Sri Lanka

Research Tours Sri Lanka

Research and experiment are the way of future persistence of all living being in the world. Research tourism is new concept in Sri Lanka. Green foot travels have been recognize the value of these phenomena. Sri Lanka is an island but is celebrated amazing culture and civilisation, rich biodiversity and natural wonders, unreliable ritual and agro culture and ranging from Arts, environmental science, archaeology, anthropology, agriculture and engineering.

Being a biodiversity hotspot Sri Lanka is one of the favourite research destinations for botanists, zoologists, oceanologists and environment scientists. Archaeological and anthropological studies and research in the country too are well sought after research fields due to the country three millennia long civilization. Due to its unique geographical position Sri Lanka is considered one of the best locations in the world to astronomical research.

This is the time to dig into the collections at libraries and repositories to uncover history, nature and culture. Green foot travels offers guided research tours to locations every part of the island, Our strong community and government institution ties, logistical capabilities and experience in in-situ research also enables us to effectively partner with trained individuals and groups from universities and conservation groups in conducting, guide and help for your research.

We can guide you including fallowing subjects.

At the end of the allotted time, the day’s catch will be evaluated, and there will be time for a quick group photo, and maybe a few snaps with the catch. You will leave the location in high spirits, longing for another opportunity at freshwater fishing.

    o Prehistory of Sri Lanka
      • Stone Age
      • Bronze Age
      • Iron Age
    o Early kingdoms period (543 BC–377 BC)
      • Indo-Aryan immigration
    o Ancient Sri Lanka
      • Anuradhapura period (377 BC–1017)
      • Polonnaruwa period (1056–1232)
    o Transitional period (1232–1594)
      • Jaffna kingdom
      • Kingdom of Dambadeniya
      • Kingdom of Gampola
      • Kingdom of Kotte
      • Kingdom of Sitawaka
    o Kandyan period (1594–1815)
    o Colonial Sri Lanka (1815–1948)
      • Early European Influences
      • Portuguese Era
      • Dutch era
    o British era
      • Independence movement
      • World War II
      • Independence

    o Sri Lankan fauna and flora
    o Sri Lankan marine life
    o Old ship wreck
    o Traditional culture and life style
    o ‘’Vedda’’ indigenous people
    o Agro culture in Sri Lanka.
    o Sri Lanka wild life
    o Sri Lankan traditional culinary experience

    Be a volunteer with us.

    Sun-swept beaches, mystic history, smiling faces, lush tropical rainforests and tasty cooking are just a few of the wonders waiting for you in Sri Lanka. This exotic country has the perfect balance of culture and nature and it truly is a place which will capture your heart.

    As a Green foot volunteer, there is a diversity of opportunities where you can go deeper than being a tourist and actually help conservation and community development efforts designed to address the needs of rural Sri Lanka communities and environments.

    Through our volunteer and Adventure Tour, you will step out of your comfort zone and experience the incredible cuisine, exhilarating adventure activities and remarkable scenery that is the essence of the magical island. Our volunteer program will highlight the unique culture and landscapes of the region while allowing you to positively impact a nation struggling to balance developing its communities while conserving fragile ecosystems. After your journey you will be changed forever from the unbelievable places you have seen and the eternally optimistic people you have met!

    Volunteer With Us

        • Rural health care
        • Teaching & Education
        • Healthcare & Medical
        • ports & Coaching
        • Wildlife Research & Conservation
        • Photography
        • Marine
        • Volunteer with animals
        • Animal Care & Veterinary
        • Whales ,dolphin & Marine
        • Hospitality & Tourism
        • Event Management Internships
        • Care and rehabilitation of rescued elephants and monkeys
        • Construction of schools and playgrounds for impoverished children
        • Teaching English to orphaned and underprivileged children
        • Community infrastructure improvements such as schools
        • Protection of vital mangrove ecosystems
        • Developing eco-tourism practices for rural communities.
        • Sustainable development in rural fishing

      Be a responsible traveller with your every step to save the future