Shopping in Sri Lanka

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Renowned for being the best shopping destination since ancient time. The Arab traders came to Sri Lanka in 8 century Ad. After Portuguese, Dutch and the British up until the 20th century have all fought over Sri Lanka’s treasures. In the ancient time many famous of harbours were an important port in the Indian Ocean. Middle East and Europe traders used as an exchange centre. The Arab traders came to gather the ivory, the precious stones and spices such as cinnamons, cardamom, cloves and pepper, which were highly priced in Europe. Sri Lanka. Its pivotal position on the ancient Silk Route made Sri Lanka a crossroad of cultural and trade exchange of the West and the East.

Now these islands are awaking as popular shopping destination. Highlights include clothing with many well-known European and American brands available at discounted prices, antiques and furniture, home wear and jewellery. There are also some good craft shops dotted around the island and some bazaars that are fun wandering around to get a feel for the real Sri Lanka. Green foot travels tailor-maid itineraries offers fantastic shopping tours and indulge with Sri Lankan culture, wild life, nature, sandy beaches and you can see how some craft, gems. Moonstone ... Items are discover and manufacturing.

We are always tried to work with local people and sell their goods. On our tour we evoke you to see their work places. Larger more established private and government shops across the island will have prices marked on each item for sale which is far easier for the customer. If you are browsing around antique shops, craft shops, bazaars and small shops in tourist towns like Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa then you’ll be expected to bargain. You’ll also need to bargain in jewellery stores. Make sure you research prices before making a purchase. Ask your driver or local friends to give you an idea about what the correct price should be. It is typical for prices for tourists to be significantly inflated. But if you bargain in a friendly manner then the prices will soon come down. Avoid being aggressive as this is likely to offend and will not secure the best price. When buying gemstones, ensure that you shop from a dealer that has a license from the government National Gem & Jewellery Authority.

Shipping Options

Courier companies such as DHL, TNT Express, FedEx, UPS, and Aitken Spence Shipping have their representatives in Colombo that will handle delivery worldwide of items purchased in Sri Lanka. Make sure you are given all the necessary documentation before departing so you are able to clear the goods on arrival in your home countries.

Antique in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is healing of 2500 years culture and it is rich in fabulous heritage. After 15 century the culture. During the colonial period many Asian and European influences to Sri Lankan furniture and art. There are several antique shops where antique Colonial period furniture to ornaments, Moorish porcelain, brass lamps and pottery can be purchased. Ambalangoda and Galle Fort are the most famous for antiques. There are several shops in Colombo as well where prices are somewhat higher than along the west coast. There are also several home décor shops with stylish contemporary items for your home which are locally produced using indigenous materials. On your request Green foot evokes you to see how to manufacturing some brass and some items.

Traditional Craft in Sri Lanka

The intricate Skilled of the man and trimming art build fascinating. Traditional art and craft are created in different part of the island. Most of art and craft are based on cottage industries. These crafts are best purchased from the villages where you can observe how they are produced. You can also purchase these crafts from the government run Laksala outlets in Colombo and Kandy or Lakpahana in Colombo. Green foot travels covers all the part of the island. You can see how to create these products and buy from local people at their home.
• Gem mining & jewellery crafting – Ratnapura
• Traditional mask carving – Ambalangoda, West Coast
• Cane and reed wear – Weweldeniya, on the way to Kandy
• Brass wear including oil lamps and wall hangings – Gadaladeniya, Kandy
• Kandyan drums – Kurunegala, Kandy
• Wall hangings and mats woven with intricate designs – Dumbara, Kandy
• Hand woven Beeralu (pillow) lace – Dickwella, South Coast

Gems and Jewellery

Sri Lanka is famous for its precious and semi-precious gemstones including Blue Sapphires, Red Rubies, Cat’s Eyes, Alexandrite, Tourmalines, Zircons, Garnets, Amethysts and Topaz. This industry is monitored by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority which has outlets located in Colombo to check the authenticity of gems that you have purchased. You can purchase exquisite gem studded jewellery set in gold, white gold or platinum in jewellery shops in Colombo, Galle and Kandy. Colombo & Kandy have the best choice of reputed jewellery shops. When you are shopping for gems across the country, make sure you purchase stones from shops that are licensed with the National Gem and Jewellery Authority.

Contemporary Crafts

Several local artisans and entrepreneurs have developed exquisite arts and crafts blending Sri Lankan heritage with contemporary design. These products are made of indigenous materials such as recycled paper, elephant dung, terracotta and scented woods and oils, and handloom fabrics. Elephant dung stationery, scented candles, relaxing massage oils, handloom toys and linen, Sri Lanka T-shirts and souvenirs as well as beautiful hand crafted object d’art are available for your home or for gifts.

Wild Life Book

We stock an interesting range of titles on different topics that gives you a good overview of the country’s culture and its people. These titles as well as literary works of contemporary Sri Lankan authors are also available at all leading bookshops in Colombo, Kandy, and Galle. Books on Buddhism are available for purchase at Buddhist centres in Colombo. .


Another souvenir of southern Sri Lanka is a batik garment or wall-hanging. The art of batik-making was imported from Indonesia by the Dutch in the 16th century. Since then, the craft has developed a distinctive Sri Lankan flavour, a charming character of its own. Batik is made using pure, natural fibres such as cotton, linen or silk. The fabric is waxed and dyed to create intricate patterns or scenes, some from the Jataka - a volume of folklore concerning the previous lives of the Buddha. A dazzling 20m-long batik is used to decorate the elephant carrying the casket of the Sacred Tooth Relic during the annual Kandy Esala Perahara.


Take home a packet of world famous Ceylon Tea. You have the choice of savouring different blends of tea in a hill country tea factory and purchasing directly from estates such as Labukele Tea Estate close to Nuwara Eliya, Bogawantalawa Tea Estates in Dikoya and Dambatenne Tea estate in Haputale, These teas are also marketed in specialist tea centres and grocery stores such as Cargills Food City and Keells Super in the main towns across the island.


The Saree with its six yards of colourful fabric in silk or cotton is a must have for a woman heading home after a journey of discovery on this tropical island. Drape it on you, your bed or hang it on the windows and let it catch the sun as it sways in the wind. Sarees vary from cotton ones for daily wear to exquisite hand worked ones for special occasions including weddings. Sarees are available across the country. Shops in Colombo have the best selection. The versatile sarong which is ideal to laze about in whether at home or on the beach is another popular local dress for men and women. Visit Barefoot for their colourful handloom sarongs. Sri Lanka is also well known for its export quality western clothing with many of the international companies having their manufacturing factories on the island.

Art & Music

From temple paintings to contemporary design, the creative arts are vibrant and readily available for purchase in Sri Lanka. Just stroll down Colombo seven’s leafy Green Path where art works are displayed right along on the road. These are created by young students and other local artists. Purchasing directly from them ensures a much needed income which supplements their studies or full-time jobs. Once a year, Green Path becomes a hive of activity with the 'Kala Pola' – an art fair where artists from the regional towns also bring in their creations to sell. Works of well known local artists including George Keyt, Ivan Peries, Richard Gabriel, Lionel Wendt, Senaka Senanayake, Jagath Weerasinghe, Druvinka, and Muhanned Cader are exhibited in galleries such as the National Art Gallery, Sapumal Foundation, the Lionel Wendt, Barefoot Art Gallery and Paradise Road Gallery Café. Classical to contemporary fusion local music in Sinhala, Tamil and English is available on CD at various outlets in Colombo, Hikkaduwa, and Kandy. Take home a CD of the Hikka drummers and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see them performing live in Hikkaduwa whilst on your travels.

Cricket & Sports Good

Most internationally known brands including Nike, Reebok, Puma and Adidas have their outlets Colombo and sell a range of sports goods from clothing, shoes to sports gear. The ODEL sports shop located in the main Alexandra Place Department Store sells all these main sporting name brands. The Cricket Shop in Colombo 3 specialises in Cricket gear and for those interested in purchasing Sri Lankan cricket memorabilia, the souvenir shop at the Board of Control for Cricket has an interesting range.

Handloom Products

Clothing, table linen, cushions, curtaining and upholstery fabrics in hand spun cotton fabric made in the villages are popular for homes in the towns as well as for holiday homes on the beach. Bare foot’s signature fabrics with vibrant checks and stripes are wonderful to brighten up your home. Handloom soft furnishings and fabrics are also available at Selyn in Kurunegala on the way to the Cultural Triangle. Selyn also has an outlet in Colombo 5.


Take home a packet of world famous Ceylon Tea. You have the choice of savouring different blends of tea in a hill country tea factory and purchasing directly from estates such as Labukele Tea Estate close to Nuwara Eliya, Bogawantalawa Tea Estates in Dickoya, Dambatenne Tea estate in Haputale, and the Tea Research Institute in Talawakelle. These teas are also marketed in specialist tea centres and grocery stores such as Cargills Food City and Keells Super in the main towns


Sri Lanka produces fine china for internationally renowned companies such as Noritake in Japan and exports to European and Asian markets. Exquisite Dinner wear, tea and coffee service in stylish designs, hand painted or with etchings, and some even embossed in 24K gold or platinum, is available for purchase in outlets in Colombo.

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