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Surf in Sri Lanka

Discover the thrill of gliding across waves

When you are waiting for a wave your mind can think a thousand different things. When you paddle for a wave your mind thinks of only a few things. When you catch a wave your mind thinks of only one thing, that one thing is joy. This is why I surf.

Ride on your board like bird riding on the wind. You can feel something deferent. Sri Lanka is best way to appear your surfing dream. Breathtaking island is one of the best destinations in the world for both beginners and the experienced. While you surf in Sri Lanka your surf holiday might be amazing, you will meet some of the world’s finest waves it has always been a great experience to make friends with people from many different countries. Being in harmony with nature and in perfect balance with the elements has become a lifestyle and a philosophy. Green foot travels offer you exclusive opportunity in West, South and East Cost.

The season at the West and South Cost is from November – March Winds are offshore making clean waves, swells are consistently good and rain is at a minimum.

East Coast surf season, May to September, head to Arugam Bay in the East Cost. Best surfing destination in the World.

Green foot surf tour operator which provides the services of government approved tourist guides the ability to train and provide extensive knowledge on surfing in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a truly fantastic place with some of the most consistently good waves you will ever find. Let us take care of finding the best waves for you each day, all the ins and outs, so that you can focus on the lefts and rights

We are expecting, I’m standing up on it now!

Surf Spots In Sri Lanka

Surf Spot Photos Quality Wave direction Wave type Crowd level
Arugam Bay Main Point 11 3 Right Reef Break Not Too Bad
Deveta 0 2 Right & Left Beach Break Not Too Bad
Elephant Rock 0 2 Right Point Break Can Get Busy
Hikkaduwa 1 3 Right Reef Break Busy
Maddawatta 0 3 Right & Left Beach Break Not Too Bad
Madiha 0 4 Right & Left Reef Break Can Get Busy
Midigama Left 0 3 Left Point Break Can Get Busy
Midigama Right 0 3 Right Reef Break Empty
The Peak Surf Point Habaraduwa 4 3 Right & Left Reef Break Not Too Bad
Unawtuna 0 3 Left Reef Break Empty
Weligama 0 2 Right & Left Beach Break Not Too Bad

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