Wind Surfing in Sri Lanka

Reliable wind, constant sunshine and beautifully warm water that makes it the perfect getaway.

Sri Lanka is blessed with the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, which lap the entire 1,585 kilometres of the coastline. This, together with the two seasonal monsoons that hit each side of the island at different times of the year, means that water sports such as Windsurfing can be indulged in at any time. In 1984, windsurfing was introduced as an official event at the Los Angeles Olympics. The year after, 1985, Nilaveli, on the east coast of Sri Lanka, was the location of the International Fun board Championships. An Austrian, Peter Pock, is credited with the development of the sport in Sri Lanka. He started a surfing school in Negombo and a surf centre and boat testing facility in Hambantota. The west coast town of Bentota is popular for windsurfing with water and wind conditions best during the season from November to April. On the East coast the best winds are from July to August when windsurfers head to Trincomalee. Windsurfing in Sri Lanka is also possible inland on lagoons and lakes in Negombo, Bolgoda and Bentota.

West Coast

Windsurfing on the island was first started in Negombo pioneered by Lanka Sportreizen. Negombo continues to be popular for windsurfing during the season from December to April. Negombo also offers a range of water sports including water skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

South West Coast

Take advantage of the strong breezes on the west coast from December to March and head to Bentota. The Sunshine Water sports Centre in Bentota is the only VDWS certified surf centre on the island and provides training and certification for windsurfers. There is also the Club Inter sport and Lanka Sportreizen that provides a range of water sports in Bentota. Take a short boat trip offshore to dive over the coral reefs, grab a snorkel and mask to paddle your way through tropical fish, or If speed is more your thing then jet ski or water-ski on the Bentota lagoon. Bentota is a two-hour drive south of Colombo.

East Coast

Sri Lanka’s equivalent of the Maldives, with never-ending white sandy beaches, coral islands and shimmering blue seas, the east coast is distinctly different from the coastal areas of the rest of the island. This region is best visited from March to October when the seas are at their best. For windsurfing north of Trincomalee in Nilaveli & Uppuveli

Inland Lakes

Windsurfing in Bolgoda Lake is conducted by the Ceylon Motor Yacht Club. Set on the shores of Bolgoda Lake, the Yacht Club was established in 1929 and has a wide membership that actively participates in sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing. Regular competitions and training is held with members also representing Sri Lanka in international events.