Yoga and Meditation in Sri Lanka

Make it a way of life, an art of righteous living or an integrated system for the benefit of the body

Sri Lanka is country which is world – renewed for being a spiritual one and perfect destination for rejuvenate your soul, mind and body. Our meditation tours are designed to facilitate a deeper exploration of you through an intimate connection to nature and rural life style in Sri Lanka. In the third century B.C Buddhism was introduced to sri Lanka and it is embrace with all the life style of people. We warmly invite you to visit spiritual Sri Lanka.

Buddhism in Sri Lanka

According to Sri Lankan traditional chronicles Dipawansha, Buddhism was introduce in to Sri Lanka in 3rd century BC by the Mahindha thero, the son of the Indian Emperor Asoka during the King Devanampiyatissa era. During this time, a sampling of the Bodhi tree was brought to Sri Lanka and king established temples and Hahavihara, which became the historical centre of Theravada Buddhism Sri Lanka. As a result, Buddhism became an integral part of Sinhalese culture and civilisation. Buddhism also had a great effect on the literary development of the island. It was in Sri Lanka that the oral teachings of the Buddha – the Tripitaka – were committed to writing for the first time. The language of these Buddhist scriptures, Pali, influenced the development of the Sinhala language. Since the third century B.C. to date, Buddhism continues to play an integral part in the lives of a majority of Sri Lankans in the country. In addition, the island’s Buddhist monks play a significant role in spreading Buddha’s teachings worldwide.


Our meditation tours are designed to facilitate a deeper exploration of you through an intimate connection to nature. If you wish to deeply understanding in to the Buddhist philosophy and mediation, you can find the rare opportunity to visit meditation centres located all around the island which offers you guidance to meditate. Mediation is not only a religious ritual. With meditation you control your mind. Concentration gives you a mastery over mind and events. Meditation observation, where mind is focused on one point, making it still so we can know our true Self and discover the blissful tranquillity that is within us. Meditation requires discipline, determination and patience. It will not play on the first try, but constant practice will help you go a long way. All your efforts will pay off one day, when you reach the physical and mental health benefits mentioned above and more. Some studies show that this is a generalized reduction in multiple physiological and biochemical markers, such as decreased heart rate, manifested decreased breathing frequency plasma cortisol decreased (the major stress hormone), decreased heart rate and increased EEG alpha (brain waves associated with relaxation). During meditation, one goes through a state of deep relaxation while the mind is the awareness increases. This leads to faster responses, more creativity and better comprehensibility. It helps one to travel to the intricacy of one's mind and discover the inner piece which is found to be most effective when followed with a simple lifestyle and vegetarian diet.

Benefits of Meditation


These are serious meditation retreats located in tranquil settings that follow an intensive routine of meditation and Buddhist discussions. The Nilambe Meditation Centre in Kandy, the Vipassana Meditation Centres in Kaduboda and in Colombo all offer basic accommodation and vegetarian meals. Some centres also have books shops to purchase Buddhist literature. We have provided direct links to these Meditation Retreats & Buddhist Centres so that you can contact them directly and make your own arrangements. On Your tour we will evoke you and you can glimpse of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist heritage which includes ancient ruins dating back to the 3rd century B.C. as well as Buddhist temples and shrines that are very much a vibrant part of today’s life.


Yoga is an art of living science. The free of mind and body sprit soothe your life. It is balance on your healthy mind and healthy body. Yoga dates back to the Vedic period in India at least 5,000 years ago which was a significant period of cultural and spiritual development. The word `Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ which means to merge or unite. Yoga is based on the concept that the body and breath are intimately connected with the mind. By controlling breathing and holding the body in steady postures, known in yogic terms as ‘Asanas’, stagnant energy centres open up, contributing to better physical health, mental peace and well-being. You can Practice these Yoga Methods Under good Sri Lankan Yoga Instructors in Sri Lanka. There were various yoga methods in Sri Lanka.
• Mantra Yoga
• Bhakthi Yoga
• Laya Yoga
• Raja Yoga
• Hatha Yoga
• Karma Yoga
• Thantra Yoga
• Kundalini Yoga
• Etc..
The most famous yoga style is Hatha Yoga in the world. Now modern peoples are practicing new yoga styles too. Examples: - Power Yoga - Hot Yoga In modern time we are living very stressful life. Because people have not satisfaction of their life that they live. Modern living looks like competition between people. Lot of them has not time to thinking about their health, No enough time for stay with family, Lot of them are suffering with their crazy life. Many people have physical and mental problems. It is increasing day by day as percentage.

Benefits of yoga

• Reduce Extra Fat and Growing Beauty
• Develop personality
• Release Tension and Better sleep
• Improve Beauty and Youthfulness
• Cure Common Diseases
• Improve Pliability and Flexibility
• Health, wealth and Long life
• Develop concentration and Brainpower

Ulpotha Yoga, Cultural Triangle

Ulpotha, a Yoga focused eco-retreat, is hidden away in the rural village of Embogama about an hour north of Kurunegala. Surrounded by low mountains, a lotus-ringed lake, and green paddy fields, Ulpotha is a place of total peace and tranquillity where one lives among trees, sunflowers, marigolds and vegetable patches, in simply furnished wattle and daub houses with roofs thatched with woven coconut palm leaves. Ulpotha is an experience of Sri Lanka's traditional rural lifestyle and is only open for 13 fortnightly periods between June and August and also from November to March. Between these periods Ulpotha is closed to allow the surrounding village community to continue with their traditional agricultural practices of paddy and vegetable cultivation. Ulpotha's wellness retreats include the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and guided meditation. Yoga classes are conducted in an open sided building with a leaf-thatched roof or in the cool shade of a Banyan tree.