Dambadeniya was the Sri Lankan most sufficient era of Sinhala literature. Important literary works such as Pansiyapanasjathakaya, Sinhala Thupavamsa,DaladaSiritha, Sarajothimalai were written during this period. It is located 72 Km away from Colombo.

Dambadeniya is a ruined ancient city situated in the North Central Province, Between Kurunegala and Negombo road. This amazing kingdom essence buried on the huge fortified granite rock.

Vijayabahu iii was the first king who chooses Dambadeniya as a capital in Sri Lanka during 1776. He was able to bring a peace through Buddhist clergy and defeated invader Kalinga Maga. Even though King Parakkramabahu ii was the king who became the throne after King Vijayabahu and who was a great poet and an inexhaustible literature. Kawsilumina which is considered great pieces of Book among the books he wrote. He unified Ruhunu, Pihiti, Maya that existed in Sri Lanka and that period is regarded as greatest achievement.

Visited can see remains of the palace building, Through the excavation uncovered remains of the temple of tooth relic , Garden, Ponds, Moats and city walls further some paintings. This are considered of the Vijayasundararamaya. Those paintings are dates back to the18th century.

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