A royal residence in 13th century, Yapahuwa was able to preserve some interesting remains. While many traces of other ancient defenses are still be seen, an ornamental stairway remains it’s the main draw, located 145 Km away from Colombo. Best place to heal Sri Lankan village and tradition.

Yapahuwa was one of the remarkable kingdoms after Polonnaruwa era and it is dated back to the (1273 – 1284). This is one of the most significant places through North central province. Most of Sri Lankan kings organized and increased their military stronghold against foreign invaders. This heritage site can be found midway between Kurunegala and Anuradhapura, about three miles southeast of the town and the railway station of Maho.

The first archaeological excavation at Yapahuwa was done by H.C.P Bell, Sri Lanka’s first archaeological commissioner. Bell found magnificent palace entrances or ‘Visithurusopanas’ during his excavation.

The stone stairway is very remarkable among the ancient structures at Yapahuwa. Four tiers have been constructed on the steep embankment of the rock and had been connected to the walkway up to the Tooth Relic Temple.

Door way will be another attraction in Sri Lanka. This stairway contains sculptures with a high degree of excellence and gives the impression that they had been painted in colour. Over the doorway, the foundation of the Temple of the Tooth is to be met. The remains of various foundations of buildings, a stupa, ponds, water sprouts, retaining walls, stone steps are found as well.

Two miles from Yapahuwa is another site of historical interest. Situated at Pinwewa is an ancient burial site locally known as ‘Gal Sohanakanatta’ or graveyard of stone monuments here, can be seen more than 40 chambered tombs with stone slabs.

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