Arugam-bay situated in the district of Ampara. Arugam is on the list of the top ten surf points in the world.This hotspot surf point is very renowned. In mid-2010 Asp hosted its first international surf contest in the Bay. The winner of such was Australian Julian Wilson. ASP repeated their contest tour in 2011 added a women's competition to the men's long board championship at Arugam-Bay.

The south of Pottuvil Arugm-bay is also the gateway the only road access to the Yala East National Park. This pristine beach and unspoiled of Arugambay is offered aplenty of opportunities for those with a passion for water sports and underwater photography.

Pottuvil Point is every surfers dream tropical wave. A long deserted sandy beach dotted with some huge boulders at the water’s edge, make this wave a favorite with some of the Pottuvil point provides 800 meter rides from the outside section right through to the beach on the inside. The unique thing about this wave is that for most of it you can be working a four foot faces and be only a few meters from the beach as the wave grinds down the sandy point. The outside section sucks up and throw’s out as the swell raps into the point giving a 30 meter wall to work with before it fades as it hits deeper water for about 10 seconds. The wave then tends to double up as it hits a shallow sand bottom section that will have you hanging in there for all you worth just to try and make the next 40 to 80 meter section. Failure can leave you standing in knee deep water with a mouth full of sand if you manage not to get slammed into one of the boulders first. If conditions are right and you can make it through this section then the wave peels perfectly meters from the beach for an eternity until it closes out in the bay and you begin the long walk back. Pottuvil Point needs a decent size swell before it starts working at all and a large swell before the middle section.

Environmentalists, nature lovers and always touch this printing area. Arugam-bay laid bake and rustic atmosphere had attracted thousands of holiday makers to the Sri Lanka. The main reason is Pottuvil point has attracted large number of surfers from different part of the world. The most popular surfing beaches of the island are Hikkaduwa of South Western coastal belt and Arugam-bay (International surfing competition venue) of Eastern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Since the early 60’s Sri Lanka attracts surfers from all over the world. The Windsurfing opportunities offered in Sri Lanka attracts the amateur windsurfers as well as the world class Windsurfersparticipating in internationalWindsurfingcompetitions.

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