Kalutara beach is an ideal hideaway with truly and worm romantic in sandy beach, is evoke you to total comfort and relaxation. Kalutara derives its name from the ‘Kalu Ganga’ or Black River. During colonial times, Kalutara was a hub for the spice trade and has many must-see buttresses that date back to the Portuguese, Dutch and British occupations of Sri Lanka. This scenic resort town located approximately 40 km south of the capital Colombo. Makes your way roadside stalls selling coir rugs, basket ware & reed mats signals the entry into Kalutara.

Kalutara has a huge stretch of fine sand with Wadduwa to the north which is home to the area's top resorts. Kalutara town is better known for its coconut palm gardens & for coconut-fiber mats, ropes & baskets. The sea is however not very suitable for sea-bathing as it shelves sharply from the beach. Best time to visit there is November to April. The beaches are at their best at this time with fine weather and calm seas. During the May to October the sea become slightly rough and may be some rainfall.

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