Mount – Lavinia beach is clean white sand beach near the capital Colombo. It is located at 8 km away south of the Colombo. It has easy reach to Colombo business district while it lies along the beautiful seaside.

The city name originated from a beautiful love story. Sir Thomas Maitland who was the Governor of Ceylon from 1805–1811, at a welcoming party held in his honor on his arrival in the island he saw Lovina, a local mestizo dancer, whose father was the headman of the troupe. Sir Thomas was smitten by her smile and charms and soon found himself obsessed by her and took every measure possible to see more of her .As it was unconventional for an unmarried British officer to be seen associating with a local dancing girl, Sir Thomas and his lover met in secret. Legend says she was smuggled into his mansion through a secret tunnel that led from her father's well into a wine cellar in the house.

In 1811, social convention and duty to his king, led Sir Thomas Maitland to leave the country for Malta, where he lived and died as a bachelor. The tunnel was eventually sealed in 1920 and the Gypsy village that surrounded the Governor’s mansion developed into a modern bustling city that took its name from the beautiful Lovina. But the governor’s home, which he named "Mount Lavinia House" and his monument to his only love, has been preserved within the walls and high ceilings of what is today the Mount Lavinia Hotel. The statue of 'Lady' Lavinia, as the girl later became known, is still found in the middle of a water fountain at the entrance of the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Excursions from the hotel include the Dehiwala Zoo and Aquarium, the Bellanwila Temple, the Bolgoda Lake and its surroundings as well as the Air Force Museum in Ratmalana. If you have more time available you can head towards the southern coast of the island where there are countless activities and beautiful beaches that you can visit.

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