Tangalle is one of the finest, unspoiled, best-preserved beaches in Sri Lanka. Tangalle is a large town in Hambantota district. Tangalle is not a crowded resort, 295km from Colombo. White, desert, cultural sites and wonderful flora and fauna evoke you to restful beach holiday. Facing east, the small town center straddles a freshwater lagoon where a small river flows into the sea, with a fishing harbor at its mouth. North of the harbor are villages of Medaketiya & Medilla, to the south, beyond a low headland, are villages of Goyambokka and Pallikaduwa.

Partially for the reason of its relative seclusion, Tangalle caters to two very different types of clientele. The beaches to the west of town contain some very up-market villas and hotels, many hidden in idyllic secluded coves and bays. To the east of Tangalle are the beaches of Medaketiya and Medilla. These beaches attract a growing number of budget holidaymakers. Southern part of island is perfect to see deepest Indian Ocean. Tangalle beaches give the whole seascape the feel of an idyll somewhere in the South Pacific. The best season to visit is November to April.

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