Trincomalee beaches assembling all the tasks of relaxation and fantastic sun and sea bath for all the holidaymakers. This finest beach is located east part of the island, 250 km from Colombo. Trincomalee is one of the oldest city in the Asia and The name of the port city of Trincomalee has derived from a Tamil word Tirukonamalai. In ancient texts Trincomalee has been referred as Gokanna. Bay is historically significant as many travelers like Ptolemy and Marco Polo have arrived here. It became an important destination for East Asian and Chinese sea traders at one point of time. The mention of this sea port is found in Mahavamsa. Foreign powers like the Dutch, French, English and Portuguese have fought for the mastery of this harbor. Since ancient time many invaders, traders and local rulers established their power in Trincomalee. Following some benefaction of the shrine by Gajabahu II, his successor King Parakramabahu I used Trincomalee as his eastern port, to launch a successful invasion of Burma in the 12th century. During the 11 world war many countries fought to gain the power of Trincomalle port cause it magnificent natural port.

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