Vankalai is a in the main fishing and farming village. Located at Mannar district of the Northern Province. Vankalai is a Christian village with Roman Catholics being more than 99% and Protestant groups comprising the remainder. Vankalai is inhabited mainly by members of the Bharatha community. Mannar exist many legends and beliefs regarding the History of Mannar. It is believed that King Vijaya and his retinue had landed in Sri Lanka at this site and that a bride from Madurai was transported between A.D. 505 and 543 across Mannar. They had come here from the area known as Kudiramale, situated at the edge of the Wilpattu Wildlife reserve). Another folk-tale claims that King Ilanaga had escaped to Kerala due to enemy invasions, through Mannar. The Mahawansa mentions that during the era of Kakusandha Budun, a Bo-tree had been planted at Mahathiththa.

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