Adam's Peak

Adam’s peak is one of the rare places that people of four major religions in the world worship. The mountain is situated in the Rathnapura district with a height of 7,360 feet (2,243 meters). Distance from Colombo to Rathnapura is 94km.

The holy mountain surrounded by lush green forest. Region of Peak Wilderness Sanctuary that encompasses the Adam’s Peak, it is home to many endemic species. When you are reaching at the top of the mountain you can see the vicinity of the area. Misty Mountain and clouded sky tell you about splendid of creation of nature. Through quite windy and chilly you can see the sun rise. Most of the locals make the climb by night to reach the mountain top to watch the “Ira Sevaya” the sun rise over the sea.

It is revered as a holy site by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Adam’s peak surrounded by much folklore. Buddhists, the footprint mark is the left foot of the Buddha, left behind when Buddha visited Sri Lanka, as a symbol for worship at the invitation of Buddhist God Saman.

Access to the mountain is possible by 6 trails: Hatton-Nallathanni; Ratnapura-Palabaddala; Kuruwita-Erathna; Murraywatte; Mookuwatte; Malimboda. The most popular routes out of these are the Hatton-Nallathanni & Ratnapura-Palabaddala. The less popular route: Kuruwita-Erathna. The least used routes: Murraywatte, Mookuwatte & Malimboda. These routes join Palabaddala road midway through the ascent.

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