Badulla is an ancient city situated in the lower central hill of Sri Lanka. It is the capital city of Uva Province. Badulla is located 60 km southeast of Kandy, almost encircled by the Badulu Oya (River), about 680 metres (2200 ft) above sea level and is surrounded by picturesque hills and mountains, most of which have tea plantations.

Badulla is a multinational city with the ancient Muthiyangana Temple situated in its heart. . In the 20th century Badulla was a regional hub for the British rulers. They made Badulla the capital of Uva Wellassa now known as the Uva Province. Even today there are some British colonial buildings in Badulla. The Badulla train station is one such example. It is the last train station in one of the main train lines in Sri Lanka the Upcountry train line this train line was used by the British to send tea collected from the Badulla district to Colombo. Badulla district is one of the leading tea producing districts only behind Nuwara-Eliya district.

History of this site starts with the Lord Buddha’s 3rd arrival to the island but legends on the area called Badulla begins from 19th – 18th century BC. Some names of places in the area, e.g. Seetha Eliya, Seetha Kotuwa, Ravana Ella, etc., refers to the Seetha and Ravana - the main characters in the Indian episode titled Ramayana. So it is believed that said war had taken place in this locale, where was the capital of then powerful king named Ravana who ruled the island.

All routes where are you travel to Badulla. All routes are scenic and one can get splendid views of geography which changes while travelling. Badulla and surroundings are highly recommended for eco-tourists as Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles mountains are few hours aw.

Beautiful water fall Located at the northern city limit of Badulla city is Dunhinda waterfall. The main heritage sites in and around Badulla are ancient Muthiyangana, Dhowa temple, Bogoda ancient wooden bridge and Buddhist temple. The Muthiyangana temple is located in one end of the Badulla city, Dhova ancient temple is located by Badulla-Bandarawela road whereas Bogoda Wooden Bridge and temple is close to Hali-ela town.

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