There is a more common explanation in Sri Lanka is that it comes from the Sinhala “Rathna” meaning gems and “pure” meaning city. Rathnapura renowned as island of gems’’ very precious blue sapphires and deep red rubies to tourmalines of forest green and it is residence to a large variety of gems and tiny of an endless range of colours,Has produced an incredible variety of gemstones.

Nature and comfort in harmony with each other in breathe taking atmosphere, luxurious comfort combined with Kuru Ganga and Adam’s peak. Adam’s peak is one of the rare places that people of four major religions in the world worship. The holy mountain surrounded by lush green forest. Region of Peak Wilderness Sanctuary that encompasses the Adam’s Peak, it is home to many endemic species.

Plenty of experience with Kuruwita, such as village life, gems mining, tea experience and many more surrounded Kuruwita, Rathnapura and Siripagama area. All the lush green forests are stunning vicinity given a new bliss.

Which can explore Batatotalena Cave and Batadobalena cave; it is of great historic importance due to some fascinating archaeological findings such as the skeletal remains of the prehistoric ‘Balangoda Man’ and various land and freshwater shells that have been excavated, dating back to over 28,000 BC.

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