Green rush trees and mist of mountains from the density forested rich ecologically value knuckles mountains range over the tiny rustic village nesting at its foot. Meemure remotest village located 200km from Colombo. Hunnasgiriya is the smitten way to reach Meemure, 50 km far from Kandy. From Hunnasgiriya to Meemure there are 33km and the routs is tricky but pleasant. There are many sights passing through way Mini – World’s end, Corbet’s view and awesome 360 degree view from the top of the mountain.

The great hospitality and the genuine smiles of the farmer villagers of Meemure are truly a great treat to the visitors there. The views of paddy fields, pepper and vegetable cultivations stretched all over the village attracts the tourists for their inherent pastoral beauty.

The village Meemure surrounded by beautiful and virgin forest stretch of Dumbara (Knuckles Range) borders to the world’s biggest granite rock “Lakegala” which stands like a giant protecting the village. The splendour of Lakegala along with the breathtaking views of the waterfalls in the surrounding of the village drives away the weariness of visitors’ minds.

Food and drinks available there also are refreshing. The fresh and organic village- grown food cooked in clay pots in firewood hearths the traditional Sri Lankan way are tasty and nutritious. The village women have recipes of their own and inherent to Meemure village alone which cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

Indigenous medicine is another significant practice in the village. The villagers who are not much interested in western medicine always seek treatments from ancient Sri Lankan indigenous Ayurveda medicine for illnesses and accidents.

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