Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalamatiya bird sanctuary is rich are for bird watching. The costal wetland is located in southern cost in Sri Lanka. 20 kilometers beyond Tangalle. The few more visited Kalamatiya sanctuary consists with beautiful Mangroves and costal lagoons rich in marine life and endemic birds and migratory birds. It was declared a sanctuary in 1984 and designated a “Special Area Management Site” under the Coastal Zone Management Plan for sustainable development the sanctuary that similar to the Bundala National park.

The picturesque costal lagoon comprises brackish water. Its waters are separated from the sea by a narrow strip of beach and only flow out to it through a narrow outlet that periodically closes completely.The Sanctuary includes the Lunama and Kalametiya lagoons. Karukalli is Saltern and the surrounding marshy areas. Kalametiya area records about 15 species of birds of which 54 are migratory. There are four nationally threatened birds found within the Sanctuary - Indian Reef Heron, Glossy Ibis, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl and Black-capped Purple Kingfisher with Jungle Fowl being the only endemic species.38 species of reptiles, a large number of which are nationally and globally threatened. 41 species of fish, about 20 species of mammals with 4 endemic (Shrew - Hikmeeya, Toque Monkey – Rilawa, Bicoloured, Spiny Rat – Katu Meeya and Tree Mouse) and a large number of plants have been recorded within the Sanctuary.

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