Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island is one of the finest aquatic National parks in Sri Lanka, located 1Km off the cost of Nilaveli a coastal town in Trincomalee, 281 km away from Colombo. Rich marine life and best coral reefs covers Small Island. Ideal way to diving and Snorkelling. Pigeon Island is one of the few marine national parks in the world and surely the most attractive marine estuary. Pigeon island National Park consists of two small Island and island declared a sanctuary in 1963 for the purpose of protecting birds and Marine life. In 2003 this area was upgraded to the status of a National Park and the boundaries were extended to include coral reef around them Pigeon Island is also a well known birds' sanctuary. The island is colonized by a large number of rock pigeons and hence it is called as the "Pigeon Island". The sun, sea, beach, corals, singing birds and the sea breeze will give you an experience of a life time.

The large and colourful coral reef which is 200 meters long and about 100 meters wide contains a wide variety of corals and it is believed that there are about hundred species of coral such as Acropora spp., Montipora spp, Faviddae and Mussidae. The high degree of biodiversity in the island is enhanced by 300 species of coral reef fish whose appearance near the coral reef makes it an eye catching site. Rare fish like Black tip reef shark can be seen around the shallow coral areas. Also this marine world is blessed with other marine animals such as sea turtles, hawksbill turtles and various types of crabs. A small boat ride will let you to this awesome piece of nature's creations.

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