Ussangoda National Park

Ussanagoda National park, when you are travelling there you feels something different landscape. In some places well defined circular islands of vegetation can be seen, but these do not include any tall trees. The earth is of a dark red colour, giving the landscape a Martian look. The Ussangoda National park is the 21st National Park in Sri Lanka.These newest national parks are providing long term protection for the area's biological, archaeological and geographical values.

The Ussangoda National Park is situated in the Nonagama, in Hambantota District in Sri Lanka. There are about 20 acres. Ussangoda is believed to be the place where King Ravana lands his peacock chariot In Hindu mythology. Ussangoda is a breeding ground for sea turtles and covers both land and sea areasThe red earth forms the soil of the area and the stunted vegetation is a feature resulted by the heavy sea breeze. The other believed by some that anciently a meteoroid had fallen here, which explains the barren nature of the soil and the peculiar vegetation growth patterns.

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