Padavigampola is a little hamlet surrounded by its ancient value and rural atmospheres. Just pass Pinnawala elephant orphanage lush green roads run away to Padavigampola. This tranquil village holds unearth Stone Age and Neolithic period monuments dates back to (4000 to 3000 BC).

Most valuable monument of this village is Gall massa( Dolman )The dolmen at Padavigampola is the only known example in Ceylon of structural work by Stone Age man. Stone edifices like dolmens and those at Stonehenge were once associated with the sun-worship and human sacrifices of the Druids.Scholars are of opinion that they were chambers for the dead or (and) temples of a primitive cult. The dead were held in awe and worshipped; consequently they were housed magnificently in contrast with the living who was satisfied with caves and crude rock shelters.

Large rock face witnessed many archaeological monuments and caves build by king Walagamba, this mountain offers to you experience ancient heritage and trekking opportunities.

Padavigampola is the ways to get to know the true country life in Sri Lanka you will experience the full range of village life. Participation in the traditional agriculture and farming activities Green foot travel will offer an amazing experience. Home cooking and traditional handicraft industries will surely be the most memorable components during your holiday. A huge variety of painstakingly prepared traditional dishes can not only please your tongue but cure your mind. Not only you can taste the immaculate flavours of traditional, indigenous herbal food and brewery, often the guests would.

You can choose to explore your surroundings, spend the time by climbing nearby mountains, cycling in the rural roads, wait at local streams or try bathing, try your hand at riverside fishing or perhaps be busy with watching the sunset from the top of the mountain in the nearby. In the evenings, you'll enjoy cultural dances, ritualistic performances, all of which you will be encouraged to participate in. The spiritual aspect of the local community. And this village offers prestigious Home stay experience.

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