The untouched of glorious village area is located boundary of North central province, 190 km away from Colombo. This countryside compressed with immensity of activities. Ideal location to discover world renowned ancient city of Anuradhapura, massive Rajanganaya tank, Wilpattu National park which is largest National Park in Sri Lanka ,Hachchikuchchiya, Largest ancient rock resemble complex and vast of agro activities.

Rajanganaya is an ancient region which 2000 years old. That very important thing of the Sinhala culture has deposited. Before the arrival of prince Vijaya they had lived four tribal groups in Sri Lanka, namely Yakka, Deva, Naga and Raksha. Among these tribal groups, main settlements and commercial city of the Yakka, had built related to the Asela Pabbatha of Rajanganaya region.

The diversity of the natural environment and local communities offers impressive experience for your holiday. Green foot travels recognized these destinations and build up with Rajanganaya communities. Our main target is develop responsible tourism and generate better income for local people and also conserve environment.

Majority of the people in this area engage in agricultural or related activities such as paddy, vegetable,fruit, Chena cultivation, dairy farming as main sources of live hoods. Small holding cultivation is the main source of income for many households in which not only men and women but also children get involved in farming and related activities. It is owned unique natural endowments, especially rich soil, climatic and bio diversity, and plenty of uncultivated tracks of virgin forest lands. It is also loaded with ancient and modern manmade structures with a great appeal for local and international tourists. Obviously this district has a plenty of underutilized and untapped tourist resources with different qualities, varieties, and potential to develop CBT. Haththikuchchi is Centre of such historical sites as old monasteries, fortresses, pagodas, and statues are some of the sites with sentimental attraction of the local tourist. You can explore artificial irrigation tanks and canal systems, rich fauna and flora and also village communities with numerous talents and skills. They are the people with traditional knowledge and practices of traditional healing methods, folk music and dances handed down from generation to generation, greenish paddy field and also succulent fruits, delicious vegetable, dry soon climate and landscapes, multi culture and multi ethnicity,

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